Secret Agent Man

I was building a trip down to STX for next winter. I have 70,000 miles of US Airway credit.

US Air charges me 15,000 miles to go down and 30,000 to come back. 45,000 total, times 2 is 90,000 miles. I don’t have enough miles.

Not to be discouraged I have come up with a great plan.

I’ll originate out of Charlotte for 15,000 miles and then get some latex fake faces for Gigi and me and originate out of St Croix back to Charlotte for 15,000 miles. That way I have enough miles, hell maybe I can upgrade.

So all I need now is some forged documents and a couple of latex masks like on James Bond movies that look like Michael and Terry.

Then we can board out of St Croix and in mid flight tear off our faces to reveal the real Reggie and Gigi. This sounds exciting; I’ve always wanted to tear off my face. Not my real face, one of those fake faces.

I might flip off a few people as I leave town to get Michael in trouble.

I don’t know, this sounds like a lot of trouble plus I could do some hard time in the poky if caught. Just an idea, Gigi doesn’t think it’s a good one.


Anonymous said...

I like ya Wreg, but you are one odd man!

MELackey said...

sounds like you have enough miles for both of you to get there, but only enough for Gigi to return. You'll have to stay there until you can scrape up enough to get back.

I can think of worse problems...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

True! Good plan Melacky.