Old Photos

President Kennedy winds up to throw out the first pitch to inaugurate the 1962 American League baseball season and DC Stadium in Washington in this April 9, 1962 file photo.

I love old photos. Look at this moment caught in time. You couldn’t have painted anything with more action and expression than this old black and white photo.

I start thinking that most of these adults are dead or nearly dead.

Look at the little boy with the camera. He’s probably still around. I was about his age when this photo was taken. Maybe I was younger but I ain’t dead yet.

Here’s to simpler times before the Internet when a photo on the cover of Life Magazine made you stare.


Ken said...

I too love to study old photos. Notice how he's not surounded by big burly agents?
My favorite era of old photos is early 1900's a few autos, plenty of horse shit, no plastc and most all men wear hats.