Good Morning

The past few days I have taken to banging my big head on stuff. It hurts too.

This morning I stuck my head under a tarp covering the Jeep to grab my sunglasses and banged my head on the mirror. Yesterday I bashed my head by accident on the truck while I was cleaning it.

Last winter I had a head banging spell so bad that I cut it several times. That was when I was putting the lift on the Jeep. I came out from under the Jeep with a bloody head.

I must think my eyes are on slender stalks like a bug and not embedded in this big head.

I just got a wrong message on my cell phone from Unilever Corporate chewing me out for some expense that was incurred in training a group on the west coast. Next time I need to submit a voucher or something.

I don’t work for Unilever.

Poor guy, he’s going to get in even more trouble for ignoring this message. I listened to the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for that poor guy who works for Unilever.

As for your head, you should probably stock up on ice packs.

Liv said...

people. reggie totally works for unilever. notice how cagey he is about his job? he totally works for unilever, and he charges strip club expenses to his unilever credit card. they're on to him.

Reggie Hunnicutt said... caught me. I am the national sales director for Lifebuoy soap by Unilever.

I go to the west coast to nekkid bars to sell soap and charge the whole thing off to da man.

Unknown said...

The curse of the Hunnicutt Head :(

Anonymous said...

With all that head, isn't there room for a little padding to cushion those blows?

We get various messages of an urgent nature on our cell phones (Terry's phone particularly is a magnet for wrong numbers). Even our home/office machine, with its Ambrosia Body Care greeting gets odd messages from people looking for someone else. We just laugh, serves them right for not listening to the greeting.

none said...

Call em back at unilever and tell em what to do with their expense voucher ;)

Kuckie said...

Ha...I'm always running my feet into things. It's like they're bigger than I realize or something. Barry is always shaking his head at me and asking what I ran into this time...

Stacy said...

wonder if that dude will loose his job