Modern Times

It only gets better and better.

It may come down to North Carolina in a few weeks to choose the democratic Presidential candidate. It might even be me, yes me choosing your next President.

You see, I am a conservative but I am registered unaffiliated so I can vote in any primary. So treat me nice ya’ll. Let’s see, a black fellow or a white lady? Who’s going to promise me the most of your money?

Costco and Sam’s Club announced yesterday that they will limit the amount of rice you can purchase reacting to record worldwide grain prices. You see we are burning our food now to make ethanol.

Lastly Vespa , makers of classic Italian motorscooters are showing record sales in North America because they get 60 MPG on an ear of corn.

Are we reduced to a third world country?

Somebody shake me and wake me up!


Kuckie said...

Yeah, something weird is going on. If I think about it too much, it scares me... ;0)

Jay said...

Anyone with any sense at all knew were this ethanol thing was going. Demand would push the price of corn up high enough that farmers would stop growing wheat and rice and grow corn instead. Which causes shortages in wheat and rice which causes their prices to go up and up.

Michael said...

Leave it to Bush to back the worst choice of biofuel. If ethanol from corn was any less efficient, it would actually cost more to make it than you get out of it. Right now it takes almost a gallon of fuel to product one gallon of ethanol. So food prices are going up, but we're not getting any closer to domestic sustainability.

Biodiesel on the other hand, can be made from a variety of sources. Our friends at Piedmont Biofuels are making diesel from poultry fat - a waste product from your many NC chicken farms. There is on outfit in Texas that is working on an algae farm that could produce 100,000 gallons of oil per year per acre. The Biodiesel industry is still working on an efficient way to extract the oil from algae on a commercial scale for biodiesel production. But if we get there, America's farmers could produce all the oil to meet our current fuel consumption on about 3.25 million acres, just half the acreage the federal government now pays them to keep idle.

Doc said...

If you vote for Hillary I won't ever read your blog again Reggie... LOL!

(seriously please vote Obama)