For My Dear Friend Jay Gray

How do you like this big fella I crossed paths with this afternoon? He's catching a few rays in the sun while I was cutting the grass.

Reason #46 why I love St Croix...THERE ARE NO SNAKES ON THE ISLAND!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is quite a mean trick!!

Had I seen that I would have immediately moved out of the country. Well after I ran over it two to three hundred times!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That was kind of mean.

I would have screamed like a girl if I walked up on it. He was so docile that I knew he would just lay there.

Now I know his Copperhead cousins are awake for the summer.

We need a few mongoose.

Kuckie said...

UGH...I HATE snakes!

Jay said...

That snake would so dead right now if I had been there. Unless I didn't have anything to kill him with, and then I would have just run away.

Judy said...

That picture will give me bad dreams. Yuk! He looks huge.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

He was big but skinny from the winter. He went about half way across the driveway.

We let black snakes live to eat little varmints around the barn and it is rumored that a nonpoisonous snake will displace others (poisonous) like Copperheads. I hate Copperheads.

Trust me, if I didn't see him from a distance I would have hurt myself getting away.

This fellow is most likely the same guy hanging around under the deck and around the well house last year. I saw him about three times, the last time in October.

MELackey said...

I would have shat myself. Twice.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention we can no longer visit you guys :(

I'm just kidding, we'll make it there sometime but I will be weidling a machete!

mr zig said...

yeah - had I seen that snake on my driveway the neighbors would have called the cops about a guy firing a shotgun at a snake in his driveway - but probably cuz I live in a suburb... they probably wouldn't like that much

Logzie said...

Gulp!! That's one good thing about the frozen North...we don't get much of THAT! I guess I'll stop complaining about the cold up here.

I am so afraid of snakes that I think if I ever encountered one like THAT that I'd just pass out and that darn thing would be crawling all over me!

Ken said...

I played with a snake today.

While remortaring a stone wall, there was a little, maybe 8 inch snake in a hole that I was filling, and then he showed up at the second hole, just checking me out. I saw him one more time, not sure if I sealed him in!
Hope I did!