Everything is better with Butter on It

There is a new independent pizza restaurant in Midland called Crossroads Pizza. The only way to get a pizza there is take out or delivery.

I ordered a pizza a few months ago and I dare say, of all the countless yards of pizza I have eaten in my life, this pizza from Crossroads ranked in the top five.

Just to continue my culinary research I ordered another Pizza a few weeks later and I think it may have been slightly better than the first.

For the third pizza I decided to drive down myself to see what was going on. I walked into an old converted house and up to a window that separated me from an institutional looking kitchen. The owner and his mother were there, she was folding pizza boxes.

I ordered my pizza and watched him make this pizza with unusual care. Everything was evenly distributed on the crust and sauce. All the ingredients looked fresh.

He baked the pizza and we chatted. Then he removed the pizza from the oven and …get this, he brushed the crust lightly with melted butter. Oh my soul!

No damn wonder! This guy is a genius! Another good use for butter is found!

Give this a try on your own pizza, you pizza crust haters of the world.


Unknown said...

That does sound good and has me wanting pizza for dinner now.

Now if only they could rub butter on it AND fry it!

Anonymous said...

I am hungry for pizza now!

Add this one to your pizza reviews and let me know what you think. I just read that Home Run Inn frozen pizzas are the best frozen pizza ever. They're supposed to taste like take out pizza. I'm going to pick one up next time I'm at the store. They're kind of expensive as far as frozen pizzas go, but if they are that good it should be worth it.

Jay said...

Is there anything that butter doesn't make better??

Michael said...

Terry thinks sea gull poop might not be better with butter, but I dunno, I'm reserving judgment.