The Second Voyage of Origami II

The second voyage of Origami II is slated for this morning.

Since the last trip I have purchased an anchor (very cool little spiked doohickey that folds up), some needed seat cushions to combat baboon ass, some braded rope (I learned twisted rope sucks), and various stainless doodads that attach to the transom so I can tie off stuff like anchors, motors etc. I love stainless steel boat stuff.

A friend of mine Thomas Thomas (yes, his real name) is meeting me here at noon and we’ll take the Jeep with the boat to Lake Tillery.

Lake Tillery is part of the Pee-Dee river basin. We are big on river basins around here. Just a few miles west is the Catawba river basin.

All of our rivers and some banks like Wachovia are named after ancient Native American tribes. I doubt anyone took the Pee-Dees serious with a name like that.

I always explain to Duke that when he waters the bushes, his tee tee flows to our creek, to the Rocky River, to the Pee Dee River all the way to Georgetown, SC where his pee pee dumps from the Pee-Dee into the Atlantic Ocean. Fascinating, huh?

I think Duke’s pee pee actually converges south of where we’ll be today so I’m not worried about contamination.

Anyway, I’m excited. Gigi is meeting a friend for girl stuff while the men swab the deck and continue with the motor break-in period.


Liv said...

are we going to ride in that thang when i bring the kids to peach's for 4th july???

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yes.

Gigi wants to set the record straight too. She threw the bread at your head, not me.

Looking forward to seeing the yunggins too.

Michael said...

I don't know about " twisted" rope, but we usually use either single braided (that looks twisted) or double braided (that looks woven on the outside). Both have their purposes. The single braided has more stretch, so its good for anchors, mooring lines, and towing. It'll absorb some of the stress as a boat bobs around. The double braided has little stretch (and is more comfortable to hold) so its used for working lines that you want to remain taut once you get them where you want.

Glad ya got some stainless boat doo-dads, I know you've been itchin' to do that.

Now its our turn to be jealous, we were going to go kayaking to Buck today, but it looks like a hurricane out there, or maybe a snowstorm. It's cold and grey and wet.