Pepper in Making Me Angry

Let me say something here before I head out for the afternoon.

At lunch I ate downstairs at a restaurant in the lobby. It is a nice little American fare menu run by an old Greek man named Gus.

Today is pork chop day. I got the pork chops, new potatoes, and a salad.

I went to put black pepper on my salad and potatoes and out comes this fine mist of pepper. After great effort I was able to visually see some pepper on my blue cheese dressing.

People make way too big a deal about pepper. Put the damn pepper in a shaker with some holes big enough for the pepper to come out. Use the salt shaker as an example.

And please don’t over fill the shaker. One needs the pepper to move in the container for the pepper to fall out. If you pack pepper in tightly, then that is where it will stay.

It’s simple.

Now outlaw that finely ground up crap. Half of that stuff blows away before it hits the plate.

I don’t know how many times I have unscrewed the cap, poured pepper in my palm, pinched it, and sprinkled on my food with my pinching fingers, but I’m damn tired of doing it.

Okay, got it? Make pepper that you can actually dispense.


MELackey said...

yeah, dammit.

When I have food that is a solid or light color, it just looks better with a generous sprinkling of good black pepper.

I had a pepper shaker once with holes that were too small and not enough of them. A couple of minutes with the cordless drill solved the problem..

Anonymous said...

This makes me glad I'm not a pepper person. Salt, on the other hand, I can not live without.

Jahooni said...

okay i am behind and just read all the latest posts and gosh darn it, your office ROCKS! very beutiful. i can only imagine that gigi had her hands in there! ;)~

what was this post about? oh yah, pork chops. Grunt Grunt.. Snort Snort.

Unknown said...

Great blog! So very true.

I love to eat outside at places but that stupid fine grain pepper does blow everywhere. I find myself having to figure out which way the wind is blowing and then shaking the pepper about a foot from my plate!

Ken said...

I get it!