Put a Fork in Winter and Other Odds and Ends

If I were a rich man…I would be coming back to North Carolina tomorrow from wintering the past six months in St Croix.

The climate has become inhabitable once again here for outdoor activity with minimal clothing.

It is quite lovely here, the foliage is out, people are out and the murder rate is up (that’s not lovely). I never have figured out why people start murdering each other when it gets warm.

Thanks to my northern farmers for the ability for my horses to survive the winter on Yankee hay. The horses did quite well on the trucked in hay and I should make it just fine until the mid May local hay harvest. It looks like it will be a good crop too.

We have seen a lot of needed rain this winter. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs are full.

We had a service man out yesterday to check our water well equipment. For you city folks, we have a well that is 350 feet deep and it pumps free water out for our house, barn and guest house.

The water is high in iron so we have a contraption that removes the iron and an additional particle filter. What comes out is damn good, cold water. It tested nearly perfect yesterday for chemicals, minerals and ph.

We didn’t have it tested for bacteria so that will be necessary.

And finally looking forward…

Every year we spend the 4th of July holiday at Jekyll Island Campground in South Georgia.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, it trumps all holidays in my mind.

Most everyone in the US is off work for the 4th. Gifts are not part of the holiday so the pressure is off there. Cards are not exchanged. There is minimal decoration, maybe a US flag and some red white and blue getup just for the occasion. I’ve seen redneck girls in skimpy flag inspired bikinis more than a few times. (Quiet reflection)

The weather is always warm if not knee buckling hot. Add in the traditional humidity and you have a steam bath like atmosphere just right for a spectacular afternoon thunderstorm.

The traditional activity for the day is by the pool or hanging out at the beach. The traditional food is grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with beer and soda. For desert we have water melon or cake with fruit. In years past I would make homemade ice cream.

Always there is a carnival at neighboring St Simons Island. Usually some of us go there, some ride bikes, some hang at the beach, each does his own thing.

At the end of the day we are treated to fireworks on the beach and swear they are the best we have ever seen.

Once it is over, it is over. No leftovers, no special cleanup, and no one’s team lost anything. Professional sports have not attached themselves to this holiday. Oh there’s a race at Daytona but it only fall’s on the 4th every few years by accident.

It’s a great holiday.


Kuckie said...

Hmmmm....I've never thought of it that way before. I think you're right! the 4th just may be the perfect holiday!!! Maybe that will be my new favorite! Thanks Wreggie!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree that the 4th of July is THE perfect holiday! Even here in the frozen tundra, the weather tends to be quite cooperative that day.

Jay said...

The 4th of July is alright. Especially the girls in bikinis part. It's also the day that most people finally check to see how the baseball season is going.

Ali said...

I love well water. More so than any bottled water I've ever tasted. My grandparents still have the hand pump well outside their house where you have to pump it 4 or 5 times till there is a big sploosh.

TerryC said...

I wouldn't think you'd care much for a Yankee holiday.

Isn't there a "secession day" or something more befitting your southernness?

Stacy said...

Its too cold to kill people in the winter.

I have noticed a bit more how did you put it... stickage adjustments starting to happen too

men and their junk whatever