A Little Chimp Action

I just remembered something that I do fairly often in my dreams.

In my dreams I do not have the ability to run. Sometimes I can barely walk. Both tasks require tremendous effort.

What I have done to solve this mobility problem is I have acquired a tray or maybe a wide skateboard is a better description. I can sit or lie face down and move quite quickly using my knuckles for propulsion. It is quite chimp-like to watch me move along.

I recall moving as fast as a car over great distances using just my knuckles and this skate board. It takes very little effort.

These skateboard setups, along with flying, are my main means of transport in my dreams.


Jahooni said...

when you first mentioned what you do in your dreams i got excited **snickers** ;)~

none said...

I used to ride my skateboard like that as a kid.

When you are immobilized in a dream that is supposed to signify a feeling of helplessness.

Looks like you found a way to overcome it.

Stacy said...

wow I have never heard of that