Check Point Chicky

Yesterday I had a birds eye view from my office window of the entire hubbub from the parking deck collapse.

What made me laugh continuously was the posturing of the Charlotte Police Department and the Charlotte Fire department.

The facts: At 8:20 AM a concrete slab fastener failed in our parking deck causing a pancake effect on two floors. No one was injured.

For the rest of the day I watched 5 fire trucks and countless Medic trucks come and go while a big chunk of the Adam district sat around the yellow tape keeping idiots from going back to their car for whatever reason.

A helicopter hovered overhead until early afternoon and all four local TV stations showed dynamic footage of concrete.

Now get this, sometime during the day the city slipped in a bus labeled CMPD Mobile Command Center.

Much ado about nothing, old shit and buildings break people. The people that built the deck were a compilation of the lowest bidders assembled by Joe Sixpack. Fix it and move on.

Move along, nothing here people……


Michael said...

Apparently there is no donut shop near Albemarle Rd. and Farm Pond Lane, so they are unaware of the goings on at the McDonalds there.

Doc said...

I have to admit there was a bit too much coverage of it... especially the mentioning of the "other" collapse accross the street 4 months ago that has NOTHING to do with this one....