I Married the Dremel Expert

This time when I go to St Croix I will be leaving on a Thursday. Usually I go on a Saturday.

What is so nice about traveling on Thursday is when I wake up Friday morning it will be Goat Water Friday at Smokies! Yes my favorite freshly cooked goat stew along with smoked herring and rice will only be hours away. Throw a johnnie cake in and you have a hearty meal, my favorite Cruzan meal.

One big problem however is our flight out of Charlotte leaves at the ungodly time of 6 AM. I haven’t even figured out what time to get up, pee and crap the dogs, and let out the horses, take a shower and drive 20 plus miles to the airport. I get nauseous just thinking about moving around that early.

Tomorrow I get the fur on my back taken care of so I can glide through the water as I traverse the reefs around the island.

Michael mentioned that he was looking for a Dremel and that the ones he saw in local hardware stores seemed a bit pricey.

I told him that I was married to a Dremel expert and I would get Gigi on the case for a good low cost and dependable Dremel and bring it down to the island when I come down next week.

Yes, Gigi owns at least three Dremels that she will admit to, and I think she may have more. She loves Dremels but never uses one. Each one is neatly packed up in the original box. She lovingly took an older unused Dremel last night and showed it to me, then neatly packed it back up.

Last year I used one of her Dremels when I had to cut the conch shell to make a horn. She got satisfaction at the use of the tool and noted that she knew one day I would need a Dremel.


Unknown said...

I didn't realize you head back to paradise so soon!

Now I have to go look up what the hell a Dremel is.

Michael said...

Hey, how's the Dremel search going? I discovered the Dremel Stylus at Gallows Bay Hardware for $100. It comes with 25 little attachment pieces. Seems like a good model to me, made for precision work. I could just pick that one up and the Dremel Expert could stand down.

I don't want to be responsible for any escalation of the Wreggie Security color-coded Alert System for Travel to St. Croix.