Yellow Boy

Well, I made it back safe from Southport having done all the chores I had listed. I even fixed the pop rivet on the boat; that was a piece of cake.

This is my last trip down to Southport until I go to St Croix so I brought back my coveted beer bottle opener bling. My friend borrowed it yesterday to drink his cooler of Blue Moons and Coronas. He was visited by the one and only Cooter Brown and blames my bling for having magic drunkard powers. Now he wants me to make him one.

Also, I about forgot, I decided to take Yellow Boy out of retirement for on last whirlwind tour of the island. These yellow swim trunks have shown up in far too many pictures so I abruptly retired them from service last September.

Well I’ve miss Yellow Boy and grabbed the trunks before I left the island.

I’ve gotta go and take Cedie for a Jeep Ride. What a beautiful day it is here in Midland.


Ali said...

Hehe :) I wondered if those yellow trunks were really gone for good.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful here today too. FINALLY... a day that's warm AND sunny. It's been a work weekend so far, cleaning and yardwork. Today we can play.

Michael said...

Are the yellow trunks going to make a cameo appearance on St. Croix? We'll alert the media!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yes...the're baaaack!