Soon I Too Will Be Cool

Haley and I made it to Southport this evening. It was time for both of us to have supper.

I fed Haley and headed out to the Yacht Basin Provision Company.

Eating at the Yacht Basin seems like the fun cool thing to do. The food was good, the service was good, but for a newbie it took a while to catch on.

When you walk in you are standing in the kitchen with people screaming at each other. There is a line to pay, and a line to order, but no visible menu. I looked behind me and found a chalkboard menu.

It was my turn and I ordered the crab cake burger and some fries with a beer. She asked my name told me to walk to the cooler and get my beer and have a seat outside and they would find me.

Sure enough, in a few minutes I could see my order and the waitress was looking for some black guy named Reggie. She finally called my name when she realized the crowd was all white.

The food was good but the system was confusing. I didn’t quiet know how to go about getting a second beer so I left.

Maybe soon I’ll get the hang of the place and be a cool person too.


Anonymous said...

Well, if it counts for anything, you're cool in my book.

I bet you could just go grab a 2nd beer from the cooler. They'd come find you and demand payment.