Daring Repair Mission Update

I’ve been planning my daring repair mission to Southport for days and have come to the conclusion that I will attempt to fix the rod on the black water valve. I think I have enough exposed rod and room to splint the broken ends together. This is assuming that I can find a pipe clamp small enough to bond the two.

Then maybe coat the rod connection with epoxy.

Otherwise, I am told that I must replace the valve itself which would involve shit. I’ve paid my shit dues (see previous post) and I would have to remove the underbelly cover, working in tight quarters.

Now I need to get a pop rivet gun to pop one damn rivet on the boat.

Then I need to figure out why the ceiling fan stopped working on the RV.

And finally build a dog ramp.

My buddie that was going to help me is unable to go now so I’ll do it alone. Man I am so non mechanical. Anyone care to join me over Memorial Day weekend? Bring your tools.


Anonymous said...

I'll assume that invitation doesn't apply to those of us who share your lack of mechanical know how!

I won't tell my hubby you extended that invite. He loves to go work on other people's projects. The shit project might deter him just slightly.

MELackey said...

man, if it wasn't so far, I'd be all over that project like stink on sh...

Michael said...

I'll have to re-read your earlier post, because I thought it was Gigi who paid your shit dues for you ;)

The valve project sounds a lot more complicated than the rivet thing. I'd join you, and bring my rivet gun (its all corroded from a chlorine gas leak in the closet it was in, but it still works, sort of) but you're coming down here the next week, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I know, if you have trouble with it, just pack it up and bring it with you!

You can leave the shit valve in Southport.

TerryC said...

More karma for goofing on the Mickey D's people (and for eating an egg mcmuffin when you know how bad it is for you - St. Croix carrots, my butt!)

Ken said...

If you buy a rivet gun with a little assortment of rivets it will have instructions and rivets to play with. Then you'll be expreienced and be ready for the next rivet that Pops!