In Nautical News....

I bought a casting net this morning after seeing several people pulling up shrimp at low tide. The limit here is 100 per person per day in the inland waters. Me, Gigi, Cedie, that’s 300 shrimp.

I realize that casting a net properly is an acquired talent. I watched a few YouTube videos last week and decide to spring for one today. The guy in the store even took me to the parking lot to demo his style. He used his teeth along with both arms and hands.

He told me if I cast the net on a bull shark then expect a ride since the net rope is wrapped around your arm.

When I got out to the truck this little boy about 10 asked me to roll down my window. He said, “Mister, that net ain’t easy to throw. You need to practice a lot. I started with a 6 foot net and I’m up to a 12 net.”

I smiled and thanked him.

Now the net is wadded up in my floorboard awaiting the first Origami II excursion down here.

Speaking of Origami, I borrowed a pop rivet gun big enough to fix the broken rivet. She’s back and ready for action.

And yesterday I was cruising around in my Jeep "Shore Patrol" when I ran across the real deal Marine Patrol. I thought maybe I was in trouble but the guy ignored me.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking I'd love to catch my own shrimp, but then I realized, they are alive when you catch them. How do you kill them? Mark thinks you rip the head off? Is that right? And if so... EEEW!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Well....they are kind of like catching fish, usually they go to glory before you have to finish them off.

Unlike crabs or lobsters they can die a natural death of fear before you cook them.

Damn it Terri, I feel guilty. You know I love all of God's creatures.

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to go shrimping, crabbing, and beering in Jeykll, that'll be a blast.

How much did you say the Origami can hold again? I wanna see if I need to lose weight before then! Ha ha

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

585 lbs including cargo and motor.

The motor is 59 plus fuel. I weigh 165. Beer and ice 25 lbs.

I'd say keep it below 300 pounds and you'll be okay.

Unknown said...

Sweet! As long as I don't gain 70 pounds in the next month, I'll be boating for sure!