What’s kinda old, fat, grumpy, bossy as hell, and she stinks a little but I love her more than ever?

Careful now….

Yep, my DFF (dog friend forever) Peaches.

Peaches is getting a little unsure on her feet. Last year I built her some steps for the RV to trim down the angle and effort. This year I have built her a ramp to further assist her going vertical 36 inches.

The ramp is truly an engineering marvel conceived in my brilliant mind.

It breaks down in three sections for moving and storage.

I have it packed in the truck awaiting my Southport trip later in the week.


Ken said...

Peaches has a good friend in you!

Hey, good thing you built it good and sturdy, you might need that ramp someday! Ha

Kuckie said...

I'm sure she appreciates your effort!!