Worms and Coffee

This is a different little village Southport is and it comes with its own set characters.

Yesterday I met a young man who was in the last throws of freedom before he headed off to sea for a few years. He was a merchant marine getting ready to board a ship from Sunny Point, loaded with munitions and was headed to the Indian Ocean.

I forget that the nation’s largest munitions port is a few miles up the road. Just about every weapon we possess passes down the Cape Fear River to foreign lands so we can blow then up at a moments notice.

Oh and there is the Brunswick Nuclear Plant just up the road. They have a reputation for safety violations, at least early on. Nobody complains anymore about nuclear power so long as their toaster keeps working.

I talked to an older man yesterday and he used a local landmark in conversation like anyone who would refer to the post office and the town elementary school as a point of reference.

“You go up 211 and just beyond Worm and Coffee you go left.”

Yes, I know exactly where he was talking about because he invoked the famous Worms and Coffee landmark. It’s a gas station up the road that sells bait, coffee, gas and other convenience items.


Michael said...

That's almost as good as "Drive-thru Liquor and Guns".

Anonymous said...

I'd be hesitant to buy my coffee at a place called Worms and Coffee. I just wouldn't be able to quit peeking in the cup to make sure there weren't any worms in there.

Peach Pod said...

I've only been there a couple of times, but I still know where this place is!

TerryC said...

Given a choice, I think that even I would prefer donuts with my coffee, thank you very much.