A Strange Day Indeed....

I switched political parties today. Until today I had been registered with the same party since I was 18.

It feels a bit funny…I am now unaffiliated.

I had hives today. This is maybe the third time in my life that I have been afflicted with hives.

I woke up itching on my sides. My upper arms itched too. By noon I could see red spots popping out on my wrists. (I had a long sleeve shirt on)

Under my clothes I was writhing with itch.

When I got home I undressed and saw I had darn near a breakout from my knees to the back of my head.

This reminded me of once back in my college days I got a sudden jock itch from my knees to my nipples. It was like a California wildfire. In a couple of days I was horrible looking. A visit to the doctor in a box fixed that. He said it was the worst case he had ever seen.

I took an over the counter allergy tab and I am doing better tonight.


Michael said...

Aren't you a week late? I thought you were going to dis-affiliate so you could vote in the Democratic primary for the candidate least likely to beat McCain in November. Now the primary is done and you've changed parties, or dropped your party affiliation? Do tell.

The hive thing sucks. I've developed some sort of heat rash in the last couple days. It's driving me crazy. I try applying skin ointment, then Terry got me some calamine lotion and medicated powder to try. The calamine made it burn and itch more. The powder seems to help, but I have to re-apply every couple hours.

But enough of that. I want to know about your new party/non-party affiliation and the reasoning behind the switch.

TerryC said...

Do the hives have some psycho somatic connection with your new political (dis)orientation?

Jay said...

Pretty good move. I can't see being associated with McCain either. ;-)