Top of the Mornin’

Gigi is coming home today and I am looking forward to that.

I made my weekly stop this morning at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin at the dangerous neighborhood where everyone gets shot.

The microphone on the drive thru was so loud my hair blew back.

I drove to the pay window and there sat a young black man with a very scarred up face like someone had cut him several times with a knife. I wondered if he had evolved a defense mechanism having lived his life in this neighborhood, you know, like a flounder changes colors to protect himself.

I told him the speaker was so loud that the deaf could feel vibrations a block away. He smiled then got serious.

I drove to the next window and told the girl I could barely hear the speaker and she might want to turn it up a bit. I wonder if she did turn up the volume.

I picked up my EM and drove on.

Did I mention our parking deck collapsed at our new office this morning 20 minutes before I arrived? Didn’t think so. I guess it wasn’t my time.

I don’t know now if anyone is trapped but early reports sounded good like no one was even injured.


Anonymous said...

I am not so sure I would reccomend messing with the drive thru workers on a McDonalds in ghetto town but that is just me! :)

mr zig said...

thats crazy about the parking deck! - (and funny about the mcdonalds speaker fun! hehe)

Anonymous said...

Having fun with the McDonalds employees... Priceless!

I'm glad to hear you weren't inside the ramp when it collapsed. That's pretty scary. We've had a couple around here collapse recently too. Now all the downtown ramps are being inspected. Seems the bridges and parking ramps in MN have been neglected for too long.

Michael said...

Boy, first the gulls in Southport, now your parking ramp, you are dodging dangers left and right. But remember the shit lesson... and don't stand under any heavy concrete structures anytime soon. ;)

TerryC said...

"The microphone on the drive thru was so loud my hair blew back." LOL

But nasty with the next stop. Your karma guardian angel was trying to tell you something with the garage deal, though....

All you have to do is be nice....

Is that soooo difficult?