Be Still My Soul

A milestone was reached today... 100 days until we return to paradise.  It doesn’t seem that long since we was marking 200 days.

I say we because Gigi plans on being there this time. She hasn’t made the last three trips because of her back.

Never again do I want to be more than 6 months from my next trip to St Croix.  Sorry, I am spoiled. The 200 plus drought has been stressful.

I can deal with 100 days. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza, Festivas, MLK day, American Idol, and the Super bowl and I am home free.  

I can’t wait to do some first class diving, see first class sunsets, and feel warm salt water.

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Rock Chef said...

Will be counting down with you - especially good to see that Gigi will be with you this time too!

Hey, it is probably 99 days now!