A Question

In the South, we serve our dogs on Dixie plates. Bun toasted on the grill or not, with your choice of ingredients. You win one of these dogs if you can predict the outcome of the following situation:

Mic was here and he said you rock.

Not like “You rock dude!” but, “Hey wReg, you need to double wax your toilet because it is rocking”.  

Think I, the gadget nerd, can do it?  Fix the toilet? Not gag or have a leaking toilet? 

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Ken said...

JB Weld can almost fix anything.

Rock Chef said...

Of course you can do it! I have seen evidence of lots of your handy work!

Unknown said...

Since time immemorial Man has been has been pondering the toilet, and not the least of which the beeswax donut thereunder.

"Two!...do I hear two?!"

I change out my own toilets.

But I would like it better if a plumber did it...

Ken said...

I change out my own toilets.

But I would like it better if a plumber did it..

I'll only add...FREE.

terri said...

I think you CAN do it. I think you'd prefer NOT to do it. But I think you WILL do it because your pride will get the better of you.

terri said...

Hey... Maybe Mic can do it and you can be the camera man again!

Unknown said...

I want the hotdog.

You will call a plumber.