I test drove a new car yesterday. It was a 2012 Ford Flex. It was like floating in a cloud compared to my current aging fleet of cars.

I hate buying a new car but I must. Gigi needs a solid car with automatic transmission.  

First appearance the Flex is boxy and unattractive but it grows on you. It has the comfort of a car with the room and practicality of an SUV. It is huge inside but parks and handles like a car. It is so quiet.   

And so begins the long agonizing process I must endure buying a car. Other folks buy cars quite casually and often. Not me.

I did get my pickup detailed yesterday. That thing is slick and shiny as a wet eyeball. I dropped off my jeep for the same treatment. My two red vehicles will be gleaming.

Finally today I will transport two convicted egg eaters to a new home. I am not at the point where I can eat pet chickens so they will go to a friend’s house to live out their days and think about their transgressions and the good life they threw away.  Punishment enough. 

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Ken said...

You can hire my wife to test drive cars for you, she's good with cars.

Unknown said...

New reality series:

The Chicken Punisher.

terri said...

We tend to keep our cars until they don't go anymore. Buying a new car is always a painful process.

Bruno said...

1995 Oldsmobile, Cutlass Cruiser Station Wagon, it's like having your own space shuttle