I Woke up from a Deep Sleep and This is What I Saw

My mortgage guy called me and said he could roll my loan and lock in 3.5% fixed on a 15 year loan. This would be the third substantial rate reduction in 2 years. My first home loan back in 1982 was 14 ½%, bought down from 17%, back in the Jimi Cawduh days.

Last Tuesday I went to a product presentation at Ruth Chris Steak house. I got butter splatter all over my pants from the steaks being served over my plate of Weight Watchers chicken.

Anyway, the crux of the product was a whole life insurance policy that would return your principal, and paid the client nothing. Zero. It had a death benefit and an assisted living benefit, but I couldn't get over the 0% rate of return. The presenter seemed so proud that they we able to pay nothing.  I asked publically if that rate was locked in a guaranteed.
He didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

These two examples above prove money now is virtually worthless.

In sports, a coach is accused of raping boys while the others look the other way. Then students riot when the school cleans house after the gruesome story is revealed. I guess wining a damn football game and setting records is more important than protecting a child?

These are strange times.

Why do I scuba, raise chickens, have a Jeep, cook, golf, grill, travel, dream, laugh, RV, tailgate, and enjoy life under these conditions?

Mental Vacation keeps me sane baby.   

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Unknown said...

Strange times ideed, sir.

However, I don't think these times are any more strange than any others.

"There is nothing new under the sun."

As the times change, so do our perspectives.

And money has always been worthless when compared to the love of a woman, or a dog, or the warmth of a fire.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Ken said...

Timeless sanity!

Rock Chef said...

I guess zero isn't so bad - over here you can get policies that end up paying you less than you have paid in if you live long enough!

And yes, I always hated how sport so easily becomes a win at all costs pass time...

Love your lust for life - and the countdown continues.

terri said...

One of my coworkers was talking about vacationing on St. Croix. He described some of the stuff they did, and the atmosphere. I could picture it perfectly because of all of the times I read about it here. He said it was relaxing and not "touristy."