Space Update

Space hardware is arriving. The parachute is something else….very nice. 

The GPS Motorola i425 Boost Mobile Phone is a piece of crap. The seller has agreed to replace it free of charge with a tested used one that he says will work. 

Once I get the GPS and camera configured, then I’ll order the backup power units to ensure everything will work in the cold temperatures of space. I’ll pack all the electronic equipment in hand warmers to keep the items functioning in 70 below zero temperatures. 

I activated a Boost mobile account for tracking the GPS. I figure the data usage will cost as much as the phone at 20 cents a minute. 

The target launch date is by the first Sunday in March. 

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Unknown said...

Buzz Aldrin told me privately that he hopes your mission will be a success.

Ken said...

What's the temp of dry ice?

Maybe you can keep the equipment warmer than 70 below.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

About the same temperature Mic. I think most missions use the foam box and hand warmers to make it through the coldness of space.

Ken said...

-109.3°F or -78.5 ...

you can test your equipment before blast off.