Camera Issues

Man, I am getting too old for Daylight Saving Time, too lazy to change clocks, so I am confused most of the day. 

I should have all components together by the weekend to start tinkering with the space capsule. 

A 60 in parachute is on the way. It was a surplus military mortar parachute.  I also have a 36 in chute on the way for testing. 

A small 7 foot balloon for testing is in too. 

The GPS should be delivered at home today. 

The biggest obstacle I see is getting cameras to function reliably. I gave an older Canon SX110IS that takes might fine high res pictures and I no longer use it. 

I also have a Cool Pix Nikon that could be used. 

Third I have a buddy who has a camera store with a suggestion. 

Whatever works, its going to have to function up to 3 hours in 70 below zero temperatures and winds up to 150 MPH.  That is going to take some hefty power and heat to maintain the camera(s). 

I am not sure if we will run non stop video or still shots every 5 seconds. I lean toward the stills.  

Any ideas and suggestions would be welcome. 

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Ken said...

Do you have a local helium source?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I figured I'd use a local welding supply shop.

Ken said...

How do buy it to put it in your balloon?
Do they sell you a tank?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Rent the tank and buy the gas. Then there is a fill nozzle. They will rent a regulator too.

Ken said...

Can you get a head-mask with the fill nozzle? That could be fun!