Yesterday I had a visitor from another blog. Mic shows up from Tennessee around 10 AM, and we commenced to farting around doing country man stuff.

We went to the feed store and the hay barn. Got vittles and adult beverages at the grocery store.

Then we figured out how to drop that big tree.

Followed up by a big fire and oyster roast while we spun a chicken and Skyped with Phfrankie.

Good times.

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Unknown said...

Yee Haw!

terri said...

You always find the perfect music for your videos. This one was very hill-billyish, though I have to say, you are hardly a hill-billy with all of your gadgets and technology.

And how did you manage to secure the job of camera-man and escape the physical labor part of the tree-cutting?

Reggie Hunnicutt said... would rather have me behind the me.

Ken said...

Terri, he dropped that fence like a pro!

Dice Mardell said...

Country men: 1
Widow-maker: 0

Yeee Hawww - no widows here (at the institute)

Love this video!

you get HUGE points for that, Mic'...HUGE

Ken said...

Aww come on Dice, wReggie gets HUGE points for making this video along with THE MUSIC!!!

Dice Mardell said...

...and from the sound of it (your post) you were fed well at the institute

wReggie's food escapades are legend in Blogovia (yes, yes, and his movies don't suck either) ; )

a good match. a great day. a lot accomplished.
good work, men ! ...and thanks for sharing.