Frugal Wreggie

I moved into the soup world tonight and I feel so frugal.

First of all I have been doing all the cooking since Gigi went in the hospital 7 weeks ago. She loves good food like I do, but she doesn’t feel good enough to go out to eat often. Fortunately I love to cook and she likes my cooking.  

Normally when I spin a chicken on the Weber, I take the meat for the meal, and leave the rest in the refrigerator to eventually go bad.  What a waste!

We had a wonderful rotisserie chicken and rice tonight. After supper I stripped the carcass of residual meat. Then I cut some carrots, celery, onions and added the meat and chicken broth form a carton.

I took the leftover chicken carcass and slow cooked it to render some natural broth.

So I have two pots going and the kitchen smells like grandmas house.  

After a couple of hours, I strained and poured the broth in the lager pot and added some green peas. Lord it all smells good and I haven’t even seasoned it.

I’m simmering it a few more hours and let it stand in the 30’s outside overnight. Tomorrow I’ll add seasoning and either noodles or rice and it will be homemade chicken soup. 

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terri said...

You are quite the creative cook!