Good Things

Oregano is good in a lot of stuff. Try and use it more often. I love it so much I could make some oregano cologne just to smell it more often.

Ground black pepper is way under rated. Use it generously in cooking.

I bought a meat grinder for my 30 year old kitchen Aid mixer. I can’t wait to grind my own hamburger meat, cheese and whatever.  

Onions are good with anything except chocolate cake. Use more onions.

Use more garlic, and for goodness sake, buy a garlic press and use fresh garlic.

I used all four ingredients tonight, and I will be able to smell the garlic and onions tomorrow on my hands. That is not a bad thing. 

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Ken said...

I love this post!

It smells!

terri said...

I'm not a fan of black pepper, but I'm with you on the rest.

I didn't know there was a meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen-Aide. I've had mine for 23 years. Those things are the best appliances, aren't they? They last forever!