Houston....I Have a Problem

I have a widow maker or dog crusher that appeared in my side yard last night.

I've gotta get that thing down somehow.

It's rotten but dangerous to man and beast. WWMD? (what would Mic do?)

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Ken said...

Take your chainsaw and start a cut about titty high from the ground and cut up from the underside of the tree. That's the way the tree will want to break. Have your body slightly extended towards the tree and establish good footing ready to move away as soon as it starts to "drop."

You might have to repeat this two or three times until you can manage the "fall." Look up often!
Just my 2 cents....Phfrankie used to be firefighter in the steepest forests of the USA, he might be able to give further advice.

Ken said...

Oh, and say goodbye to that section of the fence unless you take it down for the adventure.

Unknown said...

I believe the thing to do is just what Saint Mic said, except I might add a "V" notch on the top of the trunk above where the undercut will be. Start this process at a comfortable height for you. It may be two feet off the ground. In fact, the smaller the chunk you remove, the safer.

MELackey said...