I like people watching at most any level. I am enjoying now watching liberals attack whomever they fear most. 

Once upon a time they ridiculed Palin, then Perry, no wait, Cain. 

They like Romney because he is one of their own.  

All the while liberals sit in stone silence and accept the evident deficiencies of their own leaders. 

They are only vocal on the blame game. It is the rich that made me poor, they are greedy, make me a job, it is Bushes fault, it is the republicans, I don’t want to pay back my Harvard loan, booo friggin hooo. 

Steve Jobs was an observer of people and I think he said it best about the current administration. Obama's focus on excuses "infuriated" him. 

Have we completely extinguished our can do attitude? Are we all just sheep? 

It is fun to watch but it makes me sad to see how it unfolds. Good minds are being wasted on excuses.

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Rock Chef said...

I have been quite surprised by the apparent lack of anyone willing to challenge Obama.

Ken said...

Name what the republicans have gotten accomplished on all those jobs, jobs, jobs, they promised at the 2010 elections.
You know damn well they are holding this country in check while they do everything (nothing) to not give Obama "any" victory's. This will bite them in the ass.
I know you'll fret, but don't worry, he'll get another chance and the republicans can have the choice to actually DO something that their paid to do or sink into obscurity. And please take Perry, Cain, Bachman and the like down with them.
Who farted?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I know....someone else is at fault.

Of course they are stalling. Obama's policies are detrimental to the union. It would be unconscionable not to oppose his policies. That is what two party systems do.

Look, Obama had the house, senate and the office for 2 years and pushed through a costly health care program and gave state and local governments 800 billion to spend as they please. He called it stimulus. It was a joke.

No more please. I've seen what he can do with all the power. No thanks.

Ken said...

It is a joke, if Romney could actually get elected, we can all invest in magic underwear.
The rest of them aren't even a BAD joke.

What's that smell?

Unknown said...

I want some Magic Underwear.