28 Days

In 4 weeks I’ll be rushing Gigi to get ready, and catching a flight to St Croix. Yes it is about that time.

The seasonal Christmas winds have been very strong this year. This can be annoying on dive operations with small craft advisories, and stirred up water making visibility less. Also the water is cold relative to a calmer year at 80 degrees. Normally I see 83 to 84 in the winter.

Today I take my Frankenstein side mount rig out for a test dive in a pool. I haven’t been in a side mount rig in two years. This will give me time to tweak and adjust.

Also this year I am taking one course on advanced Nitrox.  It is basically an introduction to technical diving.

About a month out I start tracking the once a week flight to see if it is running late. It originates out of St Louis this year.   

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