I watched the speech yesterday from my Charlotte situation room. After a long rambling preamble by The Mighty Joe Biden, It was time for The President to speak.

He said he had 23 things to tell us but he only disclosed 4. I guess it is kinda like the health care legislation, pass it and we will see what is in it later.

Southerners are very touchy about their guns. We don't trust that the police will be in proximity to shoot the bad guys if the need arises. We don't trust that police and big government will always act in our best interest.

I have owned a gun for 30 years and have never shot anyone. I have shot 4 copperheads, a rabid raccoon, and a sick chicken. I guess I could have called the police to do that.

I have a concealed weapon permit that required a lengthy Federal background check. I had a mental evaluation at the local Sheriffs office. I guess they wanted to see if I had a twitch.

I don't collect guns, I don't hunt, but I do own two handguns and my wife owns two handguns. I also own a 12 gauge single shot shotgun and a .22 bolt action rifle. Those last two are my varmint guns. The first two guns are for bad guys should I ever encounter them.

I also own 8 umbrellas even when it doesn't rain. I have a snow shovel and it rarely snows. I have 3 generators and rarely loose power (our power is off now). I own life insurance and have never died. I have a retirement account yet I work for money.

One day I might need these things along with my handgun. Just in case.


Rock Chef said...

You have my full support here. If I knew that the scum living around the corner were packing guns I would certainly want one of my own!

Unknown said...

What is your point, sir?

No one is suggesting that you surrender any of your guns, nor are they proposing that you not be allowed to procure more of the same.

They are not going to come to your house and take your guns away.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Same point as yesterday. This is where my mental juices flow. There was no objective.

MELackey said...

I have 30+ of them of various lengths and calibers. Some are for hunting, some are for plinking, and some are for protection. I'm intrigued by the phrase "no one NEEDS a semi-automatic weapon" or "no one NEEDS a magazine that holds 30 rounds" or any other blanket statement about my supposed needs.

I carry jumper cables, although I've never needed to use them for my car. I carry a gun in my pocket, although I've never needed it. And we all carried rubbers in our wallets in high school...

The point is, you never need anything until you need it, and when you need it, it sure is nice to have it.

And I don't see where it is any of my doctor's business if there is a gun in the house when I go in with a sinus infection.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You were an optimistic lad carrying a rubber in your wallet.

Ken said...

As far as I can tell from history southerners never considered our government anything but too big. They fought against it and lost. I think more and more passed down from generation to generation haven't got "over it". I understand, losing sucks. Northerners also love their guns and can be very touchy. But Phfrankie is right, no one will come take your umbrellas. Murder by rifles are the lowest % of all. I want to keep my high powered large magazine semi-auto to kill zombies when they rise. I'm not afraid of roaming bands of bad guys.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I re-read the post. Where was it inferred that I was afraid that someone was taking my gun? That was imagined by the reader. Just a commentary on what I saw and how it relates to me and my culture. Never said I was afraid. Just prepared.

Unknown said...

You are entirely correct, sir.

I automatically lumped you in with the "one step in the door" people who believe that it is all a conspiracy to TAKE THEIR GUNS AWAY.

There are a few of those out there, you know.

I love my guns, too.

I never meant to say that you were a scaredy-cat.

Ken said...

I thought they were after your umbrellas, and that would be a very good reason to be afraid.
Those folks that Phfrankie mentioned...plenty of them in these parts.
I'm really 50/50 on this issue. Hand guns in the hands of too many civilians scares the crap out of me. Hand guns = murder and many, many violent crimes, rifles not so much. Rifles with huge clips are just a security to fight back our government if we ever have to, they are not for hunting.