I'll never Be a Carpender

But it is fun to smell arsenic laden sawdust on treated lumber...the smell of fresh stain, and the scream of an over amped saw on a pine knot.

I am a board short on the flooring. I know, measure twice, bla, bla, bla. I want to use the tongue for water tanks, or the generator, or propane. So I cut the super sized board leftover from the deck project for a tongue floor.

Oh, I got legit with the license plate today. It seems this was built in 1992 and has been in the yard since 2003.

Still more painting, and staining to do, and I must get the wheel bearings packed. My dad never taught me how to pack grease in bearings because he didn't know how to do it either.

Then new tires, lights, fenders, and wheels covers are a must.

I'm having fun with this project.


Ken said...

Looking good, keep going.
Packing bearings is exactly like being a 5 year old playing with thick mud with your bare hands. It's fun, but messy!

Ken said...

If you want personnel advise on the bearings you can call me, I'll be happy to help, only if you learn to spell carpenter.

Rock Chef said...

My wife should have been a carpenter - she has a "thing" about the smell of freshly cut wood!

Judy said...

I am enjoying watching the progress. Daddy would be proud of you.

Unknown said...

Well I AM a carpender. And here is my observation: I would have a much wider gap between the floor boards when they are permanently installed. A good jig for the gap is a standard carpender pencil, available at any lumber store. They are about 5/16 thick.

Unlike Ken, I can roll with the word carpender.

I like it better when someones else packs my wheel bearings.

Have you concidered installing a tongue jack?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Well there is a carpenter pencil right there in the picture...a Home Depot orange pencil. The problem with spacing is that this is a trailer, and sand, small aggregate or saw dust would fall through on the road.So they will be tight. Plus it is treated and the lumber will shrink a tad.

I will have a tongue jack and someone else is doing the bearing packing.