So Far

I haven't been in a winter funk, but I can feel one brewing deep.

It is a confusing time with no real gravitational pull of any event.

St Croix is 11 days and whatever demon is in me will melt away.

I need Spring, warmth, leaves and green grass.


Unknown said...

Sounds to me like somebody needs to have a chili dog.

And right away.

And a frosty footed pilsner glass full of handmade dark beer with a good full inch of head on it.

And some Beatles. Dear Prudence will do.

And a good long chat with an old dog.

And then watch the 'Niners win the Sooper Bowl.

And then another one of those beers.

Rinse and repeat.

Ken said...

I'm certainly in one, I fear the responsibility of having to start cutting lawn again with a very, very used up mower. A 45' sailboat just sold for 22,000 in St Croix....I was watching on E-bay!

terri said...

I'm fighting mine off this winter so far too. (Might be the Mega D3 supplements I'm taking... and the ever-changing weather. And the fact that a trip to Arizona is 9 days away...)