Restoring The Utility Trailer

Back in 1989, I was a new country man in a strange land. I had just purchased a 3 bedroom ranch on 8 acres, and all I had was a push mower and a Toyota 4Runner.

I had a horse and no barn, and I had a need for a pickup truck but no money.

So I found this old fella that built swell utility trailers with character. He had about stopped building trailers when I talked him into just one more.

He built me this dandy trailer out of a Chrysler car read end and told me it was sturdy enough to take a load of water melons to Greenville, SC.

Well, that trailer served me well until 1993 when I bought my first pickup. It hauled lumber to build a barn, hay to feed horses, a lawn tractor to cut the pasture, and anything else I needed to haul.

After 5 years of faithful service I parked it under a tree like country folks do and decided to let it rot.

I have decided to restore this trailer to its glory years...even better...I will pimp it out a bit. The bones are still good but the lumber is rotting. It will be stripped down this weekend, assessed for any metal fatigue, and then fitted back with treated and stained lumber. I am even debating whether of not to put some Cadillac type wings on it just to be showy.

It will have fenders and a running board. The tongue will have storage space too.

When it is all fixed up I can scuba dive out of it, tailgate out of it, haul more stuff with it.


Unknown said...

I would add an Eiffel Tower, a Golden Gate Bridge, and a Sphinx to trick it out.

THEN you would be pimpin'.

Ken said...

Fine looking trailer, don't ruin it!