A Little More

The license tag is on, and the sides are almost complete.

From here I am going up another board with a 2X4 scab on. Then I need the front and back built....that is what the new wood is for.

Oh, and see this dick head? Yep, another thief I know, but he is no friend. He swindled millions and tried to take a few of my clients life savings.

Finally the bear market of '08 flushed him out like so many rats.

He ran from the law once and shot himself in the chest with a shotgun. They kept his sorry ass alive and he pleaded guilty. He went home and didn't show up for sentencing.

I had dinner with him once when I suspected he was about to steal from one of my clients. Oh he was slick.

The son of a preacher man. I hope they get him alive and behind bars for good.


Ken said...

It's getting real spiffy, don't forget them hubcaps!

I'd rather see a rat shot dead than have to have others pay to keep him alive. But of course, it's very big business in this country....incarcerating that is.

I'm a strong believer of capital punishment, it weeds out the rats real fast!

Unknown said...

Unlike Ken the Exterminator, I am against capital punishment. The first reason is because condemning people to die is not an exact science, and innocent people have been killed. It would suck BIG TIME to be killed for something you did not do.

The second reason is that I believe that by killing someone who may or may not deserve it is that he is being let off the hook. He will not suffer.

Instead, I would rather pay to keep him alive in a concrete cell with NO AMENITIES for the rest of his miserable, stinking, lonely, body-sore encrusted life, to think about it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I am against capital punishment too for the same reasons and the fact that life is so unusual and rare that it shouldn't be extinguisted except in the case of cow, chicken, hog, turkey, of a slab o salmond.

terri said...

It's so sad what greed can do to a person. I'll bet he never imagined his life turning out so badly.