Good News and Bad News

We went to the back surgeon today and Gigi is healing well.

Then lunch and I noticed a bit of fluid under my truck.

The old fella was gushing oil. I called an ambulance/wrecker. Please be a minor repair, or busted hose. This truck and I have been through too much to say goodbye now. 293,000 miles and 13 years.

I want more time together.


Ken said...

That is a very impressive number of miles to be together. I wish you the best and her and hope this is just a little time out for her at rehab.

Rock Chef said...

Well I am just glad that the news was that way around, and I am sure you are too!

v28 said...

Glad to hear Gigi is doing so well

Judy said...

Prayers answered for Gigi!!! I am so glad.
:( sorry about the truck. Hopefully it isn't that bad!

Unknown said...

The good news is indeed good.

I hope you didn't run over a sharp carpender pencil and poke your oil pan.