Typical MLK Day

For whatever reason, I take MLK day to do something useful around the house. This year it was continued work on the utility trailer.

I started hanging the side boards. I can't them them all on until I secure the floor boards, and my welder is MIA.

Looking better already.

I am brushing and painting all the old hardware.

And I pulled off the old tires to get at the metal hidden by the old tires.

I decided it was time for new tires and packing of the bearings. It was nice to release the old trailer from it leafy grave.

An hour later I have two used $20 tires that I swear look new.

In addition I was told that this car rear end is lubed by the differential fluid in the differential. There was still a decent amount of fluid in in the differential and the guy added fluid to top it off for free.

I thought tires and a lube would be over $200 and it turns out to be $40.

Most of the hard part is done. I still need about 4 to 6 more boards and the lights hung if my welder shows.


Ken said...

Hubcaps......a must!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yes.

Ken said...

Your having as much phfun as Phfrankie. This, I know to be true!

Unknown said...

We're like Ken!!

Rock Chef said...

Do you know what I like about this trailer? It does not look as wide as your pickup truck. I hate it when people have trailers that are wider than their vehicle but don't seem to realise it...