The welder came yesterday and welded the floor boards back in the C channels. He also gave me two great spots to attach tail lights.

It is looking very tight and solid.

It is 19 degrees here and we are caught in what most of the country is seeing...our first real hard cold in two years. It should continue for a while.

So I peer into my magic place where it is eternally 80 degrees and I see Richard sitting among the tourist that are preparing to snorkel.

I suppose Richard is my magical negro to a certain extent. I enjoy talking to him on most every visit. He is insightful, and has a very different perspective on the world. I guess part of the attitude is Rastafarian, which he holds true....except for alcohol. Richard is always in a good mood, he is respectful, a good conversationalist, a classy dresser, and lives on those park benches.

I have seen him for 10 years and he looks as good as ever.

Meanwhile, I have spent thousands of dollars coming and going to do what he does every day.

Who is the bigger fool?


Unknown said...

The one who sits on the hill.

Ken said...

Next time ask him what he thinks of you.

Judy said...

Interesting thought.