Stuff that Tics Me Off

Aluminum foil is a wonderful thing. Heavy duty foil is better. Folks in The South commonly refer to aluminum foil as “tin foil”.  Tin foil grinds my nerves.

When it comes time to exit an elevator, get the hell off and keep moving. Please don’t stand in the entrance looking stupid and confused. Move on. What ever you were going to do will come to you, but please, get out of my way because the door will shut and I will have to wait for another box full of stupid people to exit.

People in The South still refer to their electric bill as their light bill.

I like shrimp, sausage, and grits, but I don’t care at all for shrimp and grits. It is not a good marriage of food.

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terri said...

I'm a life-long northerner and have always known it to be "tin foil."

Unknown said...

I am a Western man: tin foil.

I think they should have sno-kone machines in elevators.

Ken said...

In New England it was...shiny foil, if I remember correctly.