A Problem

How does a prepared Southern Man prepare for an ice storm?

A sensible person heads out to Bojangles and picks up a bag of country ham biscuits to gather strength. Previously I had taken inventory of essentials like wine, beer, and orange juice.

Then he positions the generator to runs key essentials in the main house. This will run the water pump, refrigerator, Direct TV and the HDTV, the internet modem and router, and a few lights. I can survive with these indefinitely.

I cover existing projects and leave the tools in place. It will all be over by the morning and I can resume work.

Feed the livestock.

Collect the eggs.

Stockpile some gasoline. That's about all a feller can do.


Unknown said...

Don't forget to cover your Lynyrd Skynyrd shrine.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It was stored underground when I heard about N Korea testing missiles

Ken said...

We're getting a Bojangles in the neighborhood, are they only southern or can they cook northern?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I don't think they prepare shitty food Ken.

Ken said...

That's not what I asked!
How do they make home fries, properly sliced spuds or shredded for example.
How do they serve sausage, patties or links for example.
I know they'll have grits.
Will they serve poached egg on toast with a hole in it for example.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is a biscuit based fast food chain dedicated to good biscuits, fried chicken, and surprisingly good coffee.

The potatoes are shredded and pressed into a small hockey puck. Northerners like hockey and Gigi loves the Bo Tater Rounds. I don't eat them. They sell fries too, thick cut. Neither are special.

Sausage patty only....in a biscuit.

Never seen grits there but I looked on the menu and yes.

You will get your egg overcooked scrambled and foamy like all fast food places. McDonald's being the exception with the overcooked fried egg in the McMuffin.

Their chicken is damn good, biscuits are off the hook good, the country ham biscuits are second only to Hardees in Southport. All buscuits are held to the Hardees of Southport standard.

They have nonstandard sides like dirty rice, green beans, and pinto beans.

I suppose you could punch a hole in the biscuit, stuff it with a foamy scrambled egg, but that would be nasty.

Go and get a cup of coffee and a country ham biscuit when they open.

Oh, they do have some variations on the biscuit if you like a sweet breakfast. Blueberry and cinnamon biscuits.

Iffin you get all uppity and demand poached egg on toast with shredded potatoes and links you'll libel to be disappointed.

Kinda like going to McDonalds and demanding an egg salad sandwich. It ain't going to happen.

Ken said...

Now THAT was truly informative, thanks. I thought it was just a breakfast place.
To be clear, I like my taters sliced full round or halved.

Unknown said...

Two references to Donny's.

Why go anywhere else?

Recently I have lost a good measure of sleep wondering about Ken's potato preferences. At long last, I can rest.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Iffin I am hankering for a burger on the interstate, then Donny's it is. Tastes exactly the same as in Charlotte as it does in Boulder City. But a Bojangles country ham biscuit is second only to Hardees of Southport.

Unknown said...

What about Ken's potato preferences?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I too have wondered about Ken's potato Jonesing. Personally, I prefer the shredded and outwardly crispy spuds at The Waffle House, but typically avoid excessive carbs at breakfast.

I do not under any circumstance eat chicken at breakfast. Chicken is not a breakfast meat.

Ken said...

My preferred shape and size breakfast taters...


terri said...

Bojangles should pay you for the promotion! I've never heard of them but now I want to find one and eat there.