This Is Brilliant

One interesting story that was conveyed to me while I was visiting the federal prison was the apparent freedom of religion and the encouragement of religion.

Yes, the great irony is that federally supported schools scoff and discourage religion, but federally supported prisons encourage and support religion.

Well leave it to some enterprising inmates with zero freedoms to find the best religious ceremony on earth, which allows fellowship, team work, hours away from the usual routine, a campfire, and smoking of tobacco.

It seems that the Native American religious rites are seeing a wave of converts in prisons by attending weekly sweat lodge ceremonies.  

The guy who starts the fire for the sweat lodge at this prison camp is from Vietnam, and claims to be the best pyromaniac alive.

There are white folks, black folks and Puerto Ricans who worship Native American ancestors, and have a legal smoke without fear of going to the box.  

God Bless America

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Rock Chef said...

Sounds fair - wonder if they will take up living as nomads and hunting buffalo when they get out?

Unknown said...

The Catholics get wafers.