The Big House

Today I am going to a Federal Prison in SC to visit a friend.

I got to say that my curiosity is partly motivation, along with the friendship.

Mike has been in Prison since last march and will likely remain for at least another 2 years. He is in for mortgage fraud…2008’s creed got the best of him.   

It is a 3 hour ride each way. I am told I can take nothing inside the prision but a Valid Drivers License and $25 in single one dollar bills.

Oh, and I cannot wear any clothes that are green in color.   

This should be a fascinating day. 

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Ken said...

I have been behind a very heavy steel door one evening, but never been a big house.

Rock Chef said...

There was so much of that over here too but I have not heard of anyone being put away for it...

In fact there were brokers who routinely lied on behalf of borrowers to get far bigger mortgages than they should ever have got!

Unknown said...

...but of course you will attempt to smuggle in a big salami hidden in your HAVE to when you visit someone in the stoney lonesome.

terri said...

Can't wait to hear about all that you saw and heard there!