Just in Case you Were Wondering

If you needed and idea for my birthday or Christmas. I like my hash browns this way. I want the salt to bounce off because they are so crispy. A little pepper and egg yoke make perfection.

This is difficult to reproduce at home.

Breakfast potatoes are also welcome in about any fashion. This is good too:

but not my favorite.


Ken said...

Shredded and crispy won't get thrown off my plate and I agree that with some yoke they can be down right tasty. It's the application that I'm not comfortable with, you can't stick a fork in them and pluck. You pretty much have to shovel'm up. I prefer to pluck.

Unknown said...

I like exibit A. The bouncing of the salt. But it is the INSIDE that matters as well.

They must glisten. Yes, glisten. They must glisten from the butter and oil combo that they sizzled in on the grill.

The glistening.

I don need no "plucking". Just boouncing and glistening.

terri said...

I love the shredded kind, fried up in plenty of butter and salted. I make them for breakfast nearly every time my daughter is home from school. I eat "responsible" breakfasts throughout the work-week. Weekends are saved for omelets stuffed with ham, cheese, peppers and onions and piles of hash browns!