Stuff I Wanna Do This Year, or Did Last Year

1. I want to get proficient in scuba side mount. Side mount diving has been on my mind ever since I dove side mount last February. It requires all new skills and equipment. I have obtained the equipment now, but not the skills. I start in the pool next weekend.

2. In 2012 I made an almost 100% conversion to Apple products from windows based products. It was a good decision. I have an iPad2, iPhone 5, iPod 4th generation, Apple TV 3, Mac Mini. They all live together in harmony.

3. At some point this year I will have to buy a new vehicle. My truck has almost 300,000 miles on it and my next newest vehicle is my 89 jeep, with a quarter million miles on it. Gigi’s 4Runner is an 87 with over 200,000 miles. It is time.  

4. This coming year Gigi and I want to do at least 6 camping trips like the good old days. This new travel trailer has inspired us again to hit the road. John Hills (Rock Chef) is supposed to be in the states this summer so maybe we can meet up on the road in the RV.  

5. Last year made me more humble. I found that the body heals slower than I though, but it does heal. I lost a record number of friends to death. Just plain old killing over except for one was a car accident.

6, Last year I read a big boy book with few pictures and I enjoyed it. It taught me a lot about a man I admire.

I guess I want to explore more and more….travels, the written word, or the cyber world. 

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Ken said...

It's almost like your born again, maybe you were really a frozen apple.

Rock Chef said...

Would be great if we can meet up. Will send you planned dates.

terri said...

I love how you keep feeding your interests and never seem to get bored. That's the way to live life.

You're right about the body healing more slowly as we get older. I've had several tweaks, aches and pains this year that had me worried. None amounted to anything more than the fact that my body doesn't recuperate as easily as it used to.

Unknown said...

I would like to learn foot-mount diving.