Technology Trends

I am pretty cutting edge on technology and gadgets. I love the stuff but some trends I just don't get.

Twitter. I have an account but don't tweet.

Instagram. I tried it and have an account but don't see the appeal.

Dropbox. I have an account and see the appeal but don't use it.

Evernote. Same as Dropbox.

Tumbler. I don't even know what the hell it is.

Windows8. I get annoyed by those commercials of young folks flinging through the air snapping their surface tablets. The ad is not appealing to my demographic.

Yet, I remain old school by maintaining a blog.

Two more years and I'll have all new gadgets and software.

The best .99 cents spent in the last year was on Morfo Booth for the iPad. Whenever I can make dogs talk....I laugh.

YouTube Video


Unknown said...

If you tweeted a tweet I would never see it onnacounta I don't have a tweet receiver.

Rock Chef said...

I don't tweet - really does not appeal to me.

Your talkie videos are great. Maybe I need an iPad afterall? Nah...

Ken said...

I want to be left behind.