The Beer Is Transferred and I'm Aging It!

Today is exactly one week since I brewed my beer. I don’t know what I am doing but I have followed the recipe and instructions as perfectly as I can.

I familiarized myself with the siphon and the concept of transferring the beer to a glass secondary vessel. The idea is to leave the yeast sludge behind and transfer the beer for further, albeit slight fermenting and for the beer to clarify and age.

I cleaned everything that would come in contact with the beer.

I pried open the beer container and saw a dark amber brew. The container had a light brown rig around the tub about 2 inches above the beer. This was formed from the foam that accumulated during the fermentation process.

A very nice waft of beer smell engulfed the room. This stuff smells great! It’s real beer! Honest to goodness real beer and I made it!

The siphon started very easily and the transfer began. The beer was slightly cloudy but looked great and smelled divine.

At the bottom of the tub was a think pasty sludge. This all cleaned up easily afterwards.

I capped the glass container, put the valve on and moved it to a dark, cool closet. I covered the beer container in a pillow case just to make sure it was dark.

Light can ruin beer I am told. That is why you use amber bottles.

So we’ll let it sit for the next 10 days or so and then I’ll bottle it.

I think this is going to be really good beer if the smell has anything to say about it.