I got the RV out of dry dock where she’s been moored since last spring. This sounds more glamorous than the truth.

The truth is it’s been parked in the backyard under a tree since our last RV trip which was Jacksonville, FL last April.

The inside is very clean and the AC has been on about 80 degrees for the past few weeks. This removes any musty smell that could build up under our humid conditions.

The outside however is filthy. A good scrubbing is in order tonight or tomorrow.

Our house sitter waxed the RV last February when we were in St Croix. It could be worse I suppose.

A little soap and bleach and it will be ready for the road.

Gigi just said, “Remember to take some funeral clothes.”

I asked, “Why, who’s dying?”

“Well nobody that I know of. You know someone will die if we don’t have clothes. Then it will be 12 hours of driving to get some clothes or we’ll have to buy new ones at Belks”

Leave it to Gigi to take funeral clothes on vacation.

On a side note, I checked the beer and so far no explosions of any bottles were detected. They say it’s a common rooky mistake to overfill a few on the first batch and hence a few bottles may pop under the pressure.