Fried Baloney Sandwich

Gigi bought some thick sliced Oscar Mayer baloney the other day. We could hardly wait to fry some up for a baloney sandwich.

Sunday lunch was the chosen time.

I actually microwave the baloney now. My sister Judy disputed this technique until she tried it and found the taste to be as good with much less mess and cleanup.

Gigi likes hers with American cheese melted on the hot baloney and mustard. I use mayonnaise and lettuce with cheese. We both like the bread toasted. A tomato slice wouldn't be bad but we didn't do that this time.

I hadn't had a fried baloney sandwich since my sister Judy made them in St Croix two years ago.

This is great southern comfort food and they were great.

Fried Baloney Sandwich


Peach Pod said...

I'm going to have to disagree with the microwave theory. Boloney should be fried, with buttr. The point of the frying is to get some crunchy bits on it. Yum! And by the way, it should only be served on white bread!